So, you're thinking: "Where did he get that strange nickname?"


Iggi was the name of my first pet lizard (iguana) given to me as a present for my birthday way back when I was in middle school.  Now, you might ask, "Why didn't you name him Iggy?".  To tell you the truth, I thought the name Iggy was too common.  Besides, Iggi is a palindrome.  Around that same time, I had just gotten a new 2400 baud modem for my Amiga computer.  Needing a login name to use the local BBS's, I decided to go with the name "Iggi" in tribute to my iguana.  This has been my standard login ID ever since.

At the University of Michigan some of the engineers, such as myself, started referring to each other by our login IDs. This name followed me right into my current job where almost everyone refers to me by my nickname.

In recent years I've learned that the name "Iggi" actually means "Only Son" -- which happens to be correct in my case. Go figure.